As a charitable organisation the Quaternary Research Association is committed to encouraging the participation of non-Quaternary specialists in our activities and to disseminating information and promoting related talks and events that may be of interest to the wider public. QRA members often present talks on various aspects of Quaternary science to local community groups, schools, universities, and other organisations.

What is the Quaternary?

Interested in the Quaternary?

Our annual discussion and field meetings take place throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, with discounted rates for students and retired people if they are QRA members. Our activities are not restricted to people engaged in Quaternary research - anyone with an interest in the Quaternary is welcome to get involved.

Information & Resources

The following Outreach pages offer information and resources useful for secondary and tertiary education as well as containing material and links of more general interest. Many of the weblinks have been chosen to be useful for A-level teaching in the subjects of geography and geology, and there is a curriculum links table to help teachers identify what aspects of Quaternary science are relevant to the subject specifications. Undergraduates may want to test their knowledge with the “Quaternary Quiz” or to enter our annual Undergraduate Dissertation Prize competition.

Keep an eye out for the addition of further links and resources, and if you require any more information about QRA outreach (or have any ideas for material that could be added to these pages) then please contact Barbara Silva.